Intelligent Competitor Price Tracking

Competitor Prices updated 24x a day

Automated Repricing Strategies

Stock Tracking updated 24x a day

Currency Aware & Product Cost

Advanced Search & Filtering


Competitve Advantage

Intelligent pricing using machine learning & predictive analytics to maximize profits & gain valuable insights into your competitors.

Stay Current

Always know what your competitors are up to, be it pricing analysis, stock awareness, history & much more!



Boost your stores productivity by saving time & effort manually tracking and repricing with an automated solution.

What are
users saying

“Previously, we had to manually track prices & manually update them in Shopify. No longer. We define the rules, our prices are checked 24x a day. Affordable, innovating as an insane pace, on hand 24/7. The best part: our customers now keep telling us how competitive & affordable/reasonable our prices now are. Perfect.”

- Posted Protein

“For a site with a large range of competitive products competing on google shopping, keeping track of pricing is critical to the success of the site. Pricemole was easy to set up and the team behind it were very helpful in getting us up and running quickly without any fuss.”

- Doggiegadgets

Tracking the World's Top Retailers

100,000+ sites tracked with new competitors added daily