Competitor Price Monitoring Tracking & Dynamic Pricing

Competitor Price Monitoring Updated 4x daily

Dynamic Pricing & Automated Price Strategies

Competitor & Supplier Stock Tracking

Maximize profits with Price Strategies

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Competitor Price Monitoring

See how you lineup against ALL your competitors. Use our price monitoring solution to track competitor prices and stock.

Dynamic Pricing

Maximize profits & set pricing strategies on autopilot with our Smart Recommended Price. Let it automatically optimize prices based on your competitors.


Save Time & Increase Profit

Dynamic Pricing with automated price strategies saves money and time. Spend your time marketing and building your eCommerce store. Let us worry about price tracking and repricing!

What are
users saying


“Previously, we had to monitor competitor prices & manually update them in Shopify. No longer. We define the rules, our prices are checked 4x a day. Affordable, innovating as an insane pace, on hand 24/7. The best part: our customers keep telling us how competitive our prices are. Perfect.”

- Tom from Posted Protein

“... with a large range of products competing on google shopping, monitoring our competitors prices is critical to the success of our site. Pricemole was easy to set up and the team behind it were very helpful in getting us up and running quickly without any fuss.”

- Garry at Doggiegadgets


Monitoring the World's Top eCommerce Retailers

100,000+ sites tracked with new competitors tracked & monitored daily