PriceMole Partnership with ScopeUout


PriceMole has been dedicated to helping retailers, and brands succeed with competitor price tracking and dynamic pricing.

We asked our partners to share their eCommerce goals and challenges, and how their Partnership with PriceMole helped them save time, boost profitability, and increase productivity.

ScopeUout is the first of many of our partners to share PriceMole's positive impact on their business.

Who is ScopeUout?

ScopeUout is a family-owned online retailer of sports optics for bird and nature watching, hunting, astronomy, and more. James and Jodi are the owners of ScopeUout. Born through their passion for the outdoors and their dream to offer an online platform that makes it easy to purchase sports optics online in New Zealand, they launched ScopeUout in 2014, and it has since gone from strength to strength. In late 2016 they also launched their Australian branch.

Question: Who do we have the pleasure of speaking with today? Please tell us a bit more about yourself.

Answer: Jodi Markham, Director, ScopeUout. ScopeUout is a New Zealand and Australian-based online retailer of sports optics such as binoculars, spotting scopes, and riflescopes.

Question: What challenges/problems necessitated a change that made you start looking for competitor tracking and repricing tools?

Answer: The sports optics market in New Zealand is very competitive, and we struggled to keep our prices in line with our suppliers. We have a very large collection of over 1000 SKU's and to try and complete a price comparison with all of our competitors, even on a monthly basis was taking up way too much time, so we looked for a platform that offered an automated service. We found Pricemole and have never looked back.

Question: What made our solution at PriceMole stand out over others that you researched?

Answer: We can't always match our supplier's pricing, so we loved the feature in Pricemole that allows us to set our lowest price at a certain percentage above our 'buy price.' We noticed that some really big names were using the service so we knew that it must be worth it!

Question: Did the PriceMole team help with implementation? If so, how?

Answer: Yes, Jay at Pricemole was incredibly helpful with the setup. In addition, we decided to use Pricemoles competitor finding service to help us get all of the data into the system, to begin with. It's a huge task to manually input your competitors into the system when you first start out, so it was well worth the money we paid to get the Pricemole team to do it for us.

Question: How has PriceMole helped since implementation? Has this solution saved money and/or increased productivity?

Answer: Although the PriceMole platform costs us monthly to have, it's well worth the money we pay. We now have peace of mind that our prices are as competitive as they can be and really increased productivity. We now have the time to focus our energy elsewhere as we know that Pricemole is sorting out our prices.

*In the last two years, by using PriceMole automation for competitor tracking and repricing, ScopeUOut has saved more than 832 hours manually checking prices and boosted profits by more than 6% on average by automatically optimizing prices at the right time.

Question: What plans do you have to use our solution in the future?

Answer: We'll continue to use PriceMole across our New Zealand and Australian stores so that our prices are always on point!

And there you have it, Jodi, Director of ScopeUout, your most competitive Sports optics retailer in New Zealand and Australia. Look no further! Visit them at or

It was a pleasure meeting Jodi, and we appreciate her time and effort in answering all the questions. We look forward to continue to grow our great Partnership with them for many years to come.

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