Stock Tracking - Developer Preview


Learn more about peek stock times and how to take advantage of stock tracking with PriceMole

Here's a look at PriceMole's newest updates, features and usability improvements that will be available with the next release. The launch of web our platform will help you monitor your competitors prices and stock. Discover all new things you'll be able to do with PriceMole. It's easy to use on your ios and android.

PriceMole Shopify is the ultimate automation and competitor tracker solution for eCommerce. PriceMole monitors your competitor’s or suppliers prices and stock levels (coming soon) and lets you automate your prices in response.

In this sneak peek, we want to give you a glimpse of some PriceMole improvements and new features we will be releasing in the next update. This update is just the beginning of laying down the groundwork for new content we will be introducing in the future.


One of our most awaited features alongside automated repricing was competitor stock tracking. Currently PriceMole keeps track of your competitors price changes 24/7, but what about stock awareness? Knowing when a competitor is out of stock could really play to your advantage. Additionally, you will be able to take stock awareness into consideration when setting up automated pricing strategies, for example:

  • - Set my product to be lower than my cheapest competitor by $0.01 can now be Set my price to be lower than my cheapest competitor WITH AVAILABLE STOCK by $0.01.
  • - Dropshipping? Automatically make your products unavailable when your supplier is out of stock
So many new possibilities!


Recently, the PriceMole team launched the Dashboard, that displays an overview of your stores prices alongside your competitors, emphasizing trends and patterns over a determined period of time. Currently the Dashboard lets you see:

  • - All products and your current position within your targeted market
  • - The competitors you are tracking, and the amount of products per competitor
  • - Price Changes per day over the last 30 days
  • - Latest Price Changes for your products and your competitors products

We are very excited about the Feedback we received so far, so we can keep adding new insights and analytics. Let us know what you would like to see on your dashboard, to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors!

CSV IMPORT AND SETUP HELP (work in progress)

If you have lots of products to track, Contact us and we’ll help you bulk import the products you want to track based on your data source. Our team is also happy to offer a competitor discovery service, that finds and adds your competitor URL’s for you, sets up your product costs and pricing strategies.

Upcoming Features:

  • - Stock Tracking
  • - Advanced Search and Filtering including Shopify tags, categories, collections
  • - Price Tracking for Websites that require Signup/Login
  • - CSV/Excel Import and Export

We expect to release these new features by December 2017, so you can start stock tracking just in time for the Holiday Shopping Season.

Stay tuned and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for official release dates!