Developer Update June 2019 PriceMole

June dev update 2019

PriceMole: An easy-to-use dynamic pricing solution that automates competitor price tracking with price strategies for repricing, drop shipping, and more for you!

Price Tracking, also known as demand pricing and time-based pricing is a type of price strategy where retailers use flexible prices for products and services based on current market demands.

Here are some of the exciting new features our team has been working on these last months:

Strategy Orders Insights

Your Strategy and Order data is now connected, and it is easy to see how a strategy is performing. You can now review how much revenue a strategy is generating and see how it has been performing over time. You can also quickly implement A/B testing by comparing a product's performance on various strategies. This feature is currently new, let us know what you think or if you have any feature suggestions!

Soon we will also be adding suggestions on how to improve strategy performance and recommend products to switch to other strategies.

Price Endings

Matching, competing or beating a competitor price often leaves your price in an awkward decimal ending like 4.38 or 2.54. Now you can use the automated strategies but still implement psychological pricing to your price endings. Set $.99, $.95, $.00 to always be the ending of your price!

Add additional emails for notifications

You can now add additional email addresses to receive notifications for price changes and updates. Give someone in your team access to all the information!

Search by strategy name

All columns in PriceMole but if you want to search for a specific strategy, you can now search by strategy name.

Additional Columns in Data Export

When exporting your data through the PriceMole Export Manager, this now includes the PriceMole ID (for easy reupload), your most recent product costs and your automated strategies, along with the Product names, SKUs, current prices and competitor URLs.

At the bottom of the CSV, it will now also include a list of all products that are not tracked in PriceMole.

Max Price

Sometimes competitors will set their prices higher than expected, or even do a ridiculous number when it goes out of stock. To prevent your price from matching these prices, you can now set a max price multiplier. For example: Never set my price higher than my cost x3.

With PriceMole, you always know what your competitors are up to. Notification alerts and reports will keep you informed of any changes to prices you are tracking. Pricing strategies will automate your response and keep your prices competitive. Contact us for more details!

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