Location Based Price Tracking 2019

Location based price tracking 2019

Competitor Price Tracking and location based price tracking is a remarkable technology that has made it possible for retailers around the globe to receive a wealth of information about their competitors at their fingertips.

Especially the travel industry has taken advantage of geo based price tracking and repricing to maximize sales all around the world.

For example when I want to book an all inclusive vacation in Spain from Canada, I might receive a totally different price than Steve in Melbourne or Cara in London, even though the vacation we are purchasing is identical.

Another use case are ads. Certain deals and sales will only be available for consumers in certain locations. When tracking it is important to know where the sale is, so that your prices are only influenced in this location.

Retailers use the information available to the to gain a better understanding of the pricing strategy of the competitors, and relatively how they are represented in different markets across the globe. This information helps optimize their own pricing strategies.

By tracking multiple competitors, evaluating dynamic pricing reports, and using an automated repricing solution, this allows retailers to react in real-time to these changing markets.

So this New Year we are excited to launch Geo Location based stock and price tracking with PriceMole!

This means you can now specify which location your results should be from:

  • 1. Targeted tracking for any location, limit results to certain regions, with Google Shopping results for example.
  • 2. Websites that disable visitors from different regions of the world are now trackable.

Currently available on the Enterprise and select custom plans. Contact Us to learn more or to enable geo location tracking for your store.

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