PriceMole Developer Update - November

Pricemole dev update

It is the busiest time of the year for most retailers and the PriceMole team has been hard at work on some new features, here’s the latest:

Multi Currency Support
It’s finally here - multi currency support is live and we are excited to help store owners from countries all around the world save time by automating their repricing and competitor tracking.

Our crawlers will now detect the appropriate currency type and parse it accordingly - No extra configuration is required.

Filtering and pagination when applying price strategies

We’ve added searching and pagination options to the price strategy page to make it easier to pick exactly which products you want for a given strategy.

CSV imports available

Lots of products to track? Contact us and we’ll help you bulk import the products you want to track based on your data source.

Don’t have time to add your competitor’s URLs and would rather us find them for you? Ask us about our competitor url discovery service!

Setup progress bar

New installs now have a loading bar to show the progress of the initial import. For larger stores with thousands of products it can take several minutes to import all a store’s products so this should make it easier to see when it will be ready. When the import is complete the page will reload automatically.

Want to learn more?

Contact us or check out PriceMole Shopify today.

Stay tuned for more development updates!