PriceMole 1 Minute Tutorials


As the app grows, we have been adding short 1 minute tutorials for our users to learn all the neat things they can do with PriceMole.

This week we are all about Advanced Price Strategies:

Adding Exceptions:

Adding Exceptions to your Automated Price Strategies is easy.

For Example: You don't want your suppliers price to influence your automated updates, add them to your exceptions - and it's done!

Setting Adjustments

Some Websites display prices without Shipping Costs or Taxes and are not comparing fairly to your own price. Add simple adjustments here!

Taking my Product Out of Stock Automatically

Automating In Stock/Out of Stock from your supplier with Price Strategies is easy. For Example: No more accidental sales or refunds when your supplier goes out of stock without you noticing, it's all automated now!

Stay tuned for more Tutorials on:

  • - Adding competitors with variants
  • - Using oracle insights
  • - Using oracle price recommendations
  • - Adding costs and why it’s important
  • - and more!

You can try PriceMole and Oracle Price on the website or on Shopify for free. You can add your competitors or ask the team at PriceMole to discover who your main competitors are in today's market.

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