PriceMole Now On The Big Screen!

Pricemole competitor price tracking 2021 full screen 1

We have heard your feedback Shopify, and PriceMole is now in full-screen mode!

PriceMole is no longer embedded within your Shopify View, which allows for a lot more space to view table columns and row data to help you manage the app more efficiently.

The same PriceMole with a lot more space to keep track of everything PriceMole is automating

  • Competitor Price Tracking Dashboard that offers actionable insights the moment you login
  • Competitor Price Monitoring of any website to keep track of price changes and availability
  • Automatch Competitor Price Tracking Results to find relevant competitors within your industry
  • Automated Repricing Strategies to Automate Dynamic Pricing for your Store
  • Orders and Revenue Reports to review Strategy performance and make adjustments to boost profits
  • Competitor Tracking Notifications around the Clock - Alerting you to any and all changes (including instant, daily and weekly reports)
  • Advanced Insights detecting Competitor Price Anomolies, Low Supply amoung competitors and Market Trends early
  • Competitor Price Widget to prevent loss of sales by showing your Customers they are always buying the best price available with confidence
  • Custom Alerts and MAP Monitoring to detect unprecedented price drops or increases and infringements
  • Dark or Light Theme, Notification Preferences, Currency Settings, and much much more
    • All app functions remain the same, and no changes are required on your part!

      Stay tuned for more updates!

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