PriceMole Developer Update December 2020 - 15 Incredible New Features for you this Holiday Season!

Dec 2020 holiday dev update pricemole main

Just over a month ago we reached out to a large number of our Partners asking for their Feedback on current features and what features they are looking for to improve the day to day automation with PriceMole. We got right to work, check out what;s here and what is coming soon...

Newest Releases

Upgrading to the new Shopify API version

Shopify requires apps to update and use the latest stable version of their API to remain a Shopify Partner App. API versioning allows Shopify to continuously evolve the platform while offering third-party developers a predictable path for feature upgrades and deprecations.

PriceMole has upgraded successfully and is ready for your continuous and dedicated use in 2021!

Compare at Price

As a requirement of the new 2021 API version from Shopify, all apps must use the "compare at price" field to update your price from now on. If you do not use compare at price, these changes will NOT AFFECT YOUR STORE.

By default PriceMole will not change your compare at price. If you would like PRICEMOLE to ADJUST THE COMPARE AT PRICE FOR YOU, select the "Manage Compare at Price through PriceMole" in Preferences. Otherwise, PriceMole will NOT UPDATE PRICES until the COMPARE AT PRICE is higher. You can review which products are paused in Strategies and update them to a higher compare at price in Shopify.

Uncrawlable URLs?

PriceMole users will often mention that it seems most apps can’t crawl certain it,,,, etc. Ask us.. Almost always, where there is a will, PriceMole finds a way..:)

Uploading now creates products on users can now upload all of their product data including images, SKUs, product name and competitor links. It will not only create the products for you but also edit and update prices and costs - all through the easy to use Uploader.

Delete Mode - Delete URLs with one easy upload

(Available on, coming soon to Shopify and BigCommerce)

How can you delete competitor Urls in bulk?

This is a feature we have been thinking about for a long time. It is super important to find a safe way to delete URLs you do not want to track, without it taking hours of your time or deleting any data by mistake.

By selecting Delete Mode,

  1. 1. PriceMole automatically exports a new file for you, that only contains your competitor URLs attached to the product identifier (ID or SKU).
  2. 2. You can open this file on your computer, and delete from it any URL that you wish to remove.
  3. 3. Now save the file and
  4. 4. drop it in the uploader in PriceMole.
  5. 5. PriceMole will ask you to confirm, that you are now removing the URLS that you have deleted from the file.

And done, all of your unwanted URLs, will be removed!

Coming Q1 2021 - Stay tuned for official release dates!

Recrawl your own URLs

Available in BETA - to all Shopify Users - Upon Official Release Plan limits will apply

This highly requested and much anticipated feature is finally here! Have you seen a price in the app that got stuck or delayed from updating? Did the price just change to a crazy new sale, and you don’t want to wait to update for another hour?

Well take the PriceMole wheel into your own hands and drive the Crawling updated yourself! You can now refresh any URL at any time! On the products page, you will see the Refresh button, once you click, PriceMole will instantly revisit the page and try to update the price. If it does not update within 5 mins, you can try again. If it’s still not updating, there may be an issue, so you can report the URL and our team will have a look and fix it ASAP(usually within 2 hours!)

CONTACT US HERE to enable the Refresh BETA on your Store to give it a try! Request this feature for BigCommerce to have it added to the list!

Highest/Lowest All Time Price

(Shopify release first, then bigCommerce and

Ever wondered what the highest price of a product was on Amazon? or was the highest price Walmart? And what day of the year was that?

When was it lowest? Was my price lower? When was this?

Dates help us determine trends and help us predict when prices might increase or decrease. These stats will allow you to get a quick glimpse of the lowest and highest all time prices from your competitor compared to your own, giving you the opportunity for a quick actionable!

Interaction with Graphs

(Shopify release first, then BigCommerce and

On the Dashboard, there and many graphs that let you see different snapshots of your stores performance.

Now they can do much more. Graphs now include interactions for you to sort and filter within the app easily, to see details of the data within.

Click on the Competition Level Graph, where you are not lowest, and you can view a list of all products where your price is not lowest allowing you to find competitors sales or ever pricing errors!

Click on Price Change History, and select a date and you can now see and filter all notifications for that day ( you will even be able to export these soon - scroll down for more info)

Interact with the Dashboard and find all the data you are looking for with just one click!

VENDOR in Export

(Shopify Only)

PriceMole already lets you search by VENDOR within the app, now when you export your data, VENDOR data has been added as a column, to allow you to easily sort the file by VENDOR.

Safe Search for Automatch

(Shopify release first, then BigCommerce and

When using the automatic feature, we grab results from the PriceMole database and various search engines across the web. For some users, Odd Products codes, Characters or even Product names can cause unwanted 18+ content to appear in the automated competitor suggestions. You can now enable Safe Search under Preferences in the App, to avoid seeing unwanted content as mentioned above!

Our new online roadmap - available for all to see as of January 1st

Check in to see your feature requests, what is currently in development, and what stage of release it is at! Reach out any time with your ideas and we will consider them and discuss options with you, to implement these! (link coming soon)

Shopify Commerce Awards

Our Team is proud to say that PriceMole has been nominated for the 2020 Shopify Commerce Awards for Best App Interface, Best Storefront App and Best Omnichannel Experience. Please let us know your thoughts about PriceMole, we appreciate all you Feedback and Thank You to everyone who took the time to tell us about their goals for 2021 and helped us shape our Roadmap!

And last, but not least..

Happy Holidays from us at PriceMole... We wish you and yours a happy, healthy and safe new year!

With PriceMole, you always know what your competitors are up to. Notification alerts and reports will keep you informed of any changes to prices you are tracking. Pricing strategies will automate your response and keep your prices competitive. Contact us for more details!

Stay tuned and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for official release dates!