PriceMole Partnership Interview with House of Knives


At PriceMole, we always work hard to find solutions for our partners' eCommerce challenges and help them succeed with automated competitor price tracking and dynamic pricing.

We asked our partners to share their eCommerce challenges and how their Partnership with PriceMole had helped them save time, boost profitability, and increase productivity.

We are very proud to share another success story from one of our loyal partners.

Who is House of Knives?

House of Knives is Australia’s Favourite Family-Owned Kitchen Knife Store headquartered in Clyde, NSW, Australia. They only provide handpicked best brands and also offer a range of premium kitchen and cookware.

Kentaro, the owner of House of Knives, is very passionate about having the best range of kitchen knives available while providing the optimal shopping experience for all its customers. His mission is to inspire every household cook, chef, and everyone in between by supplying the best range of quality kitchen knife sets.

When I first talk with Ken, he mentioned that he had tried a different dynamic pricing tool before but found out to automatch competitor prices based on GTIN, the monthly cost is more than doubled which came as a shock to them and looked for a better alternative. And that is how they came on board with PriceMole 2 years ago.

Question: Whom do we have the pleasure of speaking with today? Please tell us a bit more about yourself.

Answer: Kentaro, owner of House of Knives, we are an online premium kitchen knife specialty store.

Question: What challenges/problems necessitated a change that made you start looking for competitor tracking and repricing tools?

Answer: It's a competitive space, and trying to adjust prices manually and monitor what our competitors are doing is too time consuming.

Question: What made our solution at PriceMole stand out over others that you researched?

Question: Did the PriceMole team help with implementation? If so, how?

Answer: Yes, Jay was very helpful from the get go, he's always responsive and goes the extra mile to make sure things get done.

"At PriceMole we know our partner’s time is valuable, that's why we created our Competitor Discovery Services to help get our partners to get set up as fast as possible with reliable and accurate data."

Question: How has PriceMole helped since implementation? Has this solution saved money and/or increased productivity?

Answer: It has helped us stay price competitive, allowing us to still set items at a strong price when our competitors do a sale, or sell at a higher price when everyone lifts their prices.

Question: What plans do you have to use our solution in the future?

Answer: Keep doing what we've been doing for now.

With PriceMole saving House of Knives so much time, Ken is able to spend more time on other key areas of his business, like providing the best customer experience.

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